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Halal Food Became A Widely Spreading Commercial Niche

News From : DagangHalal.com (30 Mar 2010)

PARIS, March 30 (Bernama) — Halal food became a widely spreading commercial niche as it estimated to value at US$5 billion annually, Algerian Press Service (APS) reports, adding that some 16 Algerian companies will take part in the International Halal Exhibition, which will be kick-off on Tuesday.

The two-day Halal Food and Services Exhibition, which will kick-off on March 30 here, will bring together actors of Halal distribution, manufacturers and importers in France and in Europe.

The Algerian Society of Fairs and Exhibitions (Safex) and the Algerian Agency for Export Promotion (Algex) will also present in this expo.

Quoting the organisers, the halal growth has encouraged the large agribusiness companies to invest in this market, and the halal products are so far limited, as only available at traditional distribution channels such as neighbourhood butchers and grocers.

However, today, these halal brands are starting to book shelves in almost around the world, whereas previously they were interested only during the Ramadan or the Muslim religious festivals.

A recent study by the IFOP institute poll published in January 2010 shows that 92 percent respondents said they would buy the meat in a halal butcher.

In France, the offer halal remained primarily focused on food with meat products such as lighthouses while other segments such as cosmetics, remain marginal.

Yet the French market for halal shows solid growth prospects in the medium term. Estimated at nearly 4 billion Euros, it has registered an increase of over 10 percent annually in recent years.

A growth reflecting the increasing demand of Muslims consumers eager to diversify their diet, including in semi-prepared or ready to eat.


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