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H Media To Publish First-Of-Its-Kind International Halal SME Report Directory

News From : DagangHalal.com (10 Jan 2011)

PETALING JAYA, DECEMBER 28 – Malaysian Halal media company, H Media, will be publishing the first-of-its-kind International Halal SME Report Directory in April 2011, which will offer both industry analysis and listing in a single package, and comes equipped with online and mobile platforms to maximise reach.

Five key Halal industry segments will be featured within the publication, including Agriculture; Manufacturing; Tourism; Services and Finance. Each segment will contain two sections, i.e. The Report and the Directory, providing useful market insights and specialised listing of key players within the fast evolving global Halal industry.

In addition to over 30 choice reports, industry analysis and interviews, over 1,500 premium Halal-certified businesses across the entire Halal value chain will be listed, covering all key primary and secondary sub-sectors of the global Halal market.

While special emphasis will be given to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), multinational corporations offering Halal products and services, or Halal Captains, will also be included to set the benchmark for the SMEs.

“Our aim is to provide a definitive guide for businesses to navigate the lucrative yet highly complex global Halal market,” said Kamarul Aznam Kamaruzaman, Managing Editor of H Media.

A total of 10,000 copies will be printed in April, in time for MIHAS – the world’s premier Halal marketplace. This is in addition to the planned distribution by major Halal certification bodies in at least ten countries, including distribution by government agencies and embassies, retail and newsstand, and other premier Halal industry events and trade shows.

To maximise reach, H Media will also be developing multiple versions of the Halal SME Report Directory, i.e. in print, online and mobile platforms, to provide users with a 360° view of the global Halal industry. Earlier in October 2010, H Media signed an MOU with another Malaysian-based company, WatchTower & Friends (wtf), to develop the mobile version of the Report & Directory using Augmented Reality (AR).

With AR, Halal producers can embed key promotional tools such as discount coupons, social network links or even promo videos, within their trademarked logo. The AR software will recognise the logos and display these tools right off the user’s WiFi-enabled mobile phone cameras.

“With our mobile package, Halal businesses can, for the first time, add tangible promotional value to their Halal certification and logo,” said Kamarul Aznam. “It can also act as a powerful enforcement tool for Halal authorities,” he added.

“Being mobile and in-touch with information is today’s lifestyle,” said Hazel Hassan Hisham, COO of wtf. “Building and including mobility to the Report Directory will be an on-going effort by us to ensure users have information constantly at their fingertips.”

Halal-certified manufacturers, producers or service providers can register their businesses for free online at www.halalsme.com.

Deadline for inclusion in the upcoming issue 2011/12 is January 31, 2011. Submissions after this date will be included in the 2012/13 issue.

For more information, please contact H Media’s managing editor Kamarul Aznam Kamaruzaman at +6012-634 6760 or email him at [email protected]. Alternatively, kindly contact wtf’s Hazel Hassan at +6019-286 1004 or email her at [email protected].

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