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Fortitech, Inc., essentially the founder and pioneer of the nutrient premix industry, consistently leads the way in the field of fortification, and has helped manufacturers introduce or improve over 30,000 products offering health and wellness benefits to consumers worldwide. Solely dedicated to the development and manufacturing of custom nutrient premixes, Fortitech has the expertise to fortify virtually any product and can source over 1,400 ingredients from a comprehensive selection of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleotides and nutraceuticals which can be used in numerous applications. Fortitech is ISO 9001:2008 certified and meets Kosher and Halal standards. Headquartered in Schenectady, NY, the company has a global network of manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout Europe, Asia, South America, Mexico and the USA (NY&CA).

Delivering on the safety and the label promises of consumer and clinical nutrition products is critical. The manufacturing process for all Fortitech premixes meets, or in many cases, exceeds industry standards for safety, traceability and more. Our Fortitech Quality Standard Seal underscores our commitment to quality and safety throughout every aspect of our business. This includes utilizing innovative technology, equipment and processes in all of our state-of-the-art laboratory and manufacturing facilities. We also ensure that all Fortitech premixes do not affect the taste, stability or texture of the end product application.

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