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FHA 2022 Press Release – BlackMo

Malaysian Enterprise Develops World’s First Instant Coffee with Blackstrap Molasses

A veteran, Malaysian-based coffee manufacturer known as Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd was delighted to incorporate a new development change, amid introducing a unique line of instant beverages centred only on blackstrap molasses as its sole sweetener. The corporate vision became initiated under the recent influences of catering for a healthier and controllable alternative drink.

This meant that within the pursuit of their new product range, the sugary tang has been found separated into a packet for adjustable preferences according to individual liking.

“The idea intercepted and was realized from the recent trending demands of “low sugar” movement that has been exhuming out, and then seen across the various countries’ setting,” said Mr. Jee Chow Min, the Managing Director of the Malaysian corporate.

He then added that “it has always been difficult to cater to each and everyone’s tasting regime, but because of our present-day company’s strength – an insight of information advantage, with experience of our resources and capabilities that is complemented by the angle of product marketing we took, a dual-pack, instant premixed line of caffeine goods known as ‘BlackMo’ comprising of one side powdered coffee, and the other half encompassing a dark liquid syrup came into fruition.”

This led to an ingenious fitting course of a merchandise series that befits all dietary disciplines, where the sweetness can either not be added at all – ultimately consuming that coffee on its own, or may the drink be administered under the careful and selective pouring of the blackstrap molasses within.

The thought was initially formalised as a concept under a sharing by Mr. Jee as far back a timeline since November 2019 yet was catalysed during the COVID-19 pandemic, at which the sudden movement restrictions have allowed deeper thinking and thorough objective planning.

“During the early stages of the affliction period, we had realised that the mindfulness of health-conscious consumerism has become stark-raving mad higher as age and knowledge abundance continues to go by. My daughter, currently working as the operation manager within the company, brought to the table and highlighted this issue which coincidentally gave a supporting gesture that the team should be considering the earlier thought. Similarly, just as healthier living has become emphasised, our formulas were assayed into a revamp – considering not only sweetness but also in favour of hearty consumption.” Mr. Jee added.

In a deeper explanation as to why of such an aim, the BlackMo, were drawn into full operational thrust, Mr. Jee reasonably explained that “in the past, our chain of instant premixed coffees using conventional creamer were found no different than any of our competitor. This was improvised and eventually replaced with a powdered form of coconut and oat milk as a better, more nourishing choice.”

The managing director further chuckled that because most consumers are also showing revolving concerns about non-diary creamer’s trans-fat, the solution to this answer is just as simple as ‘removing it as a whole,’ as BlackMo streamlines for a more wholesome choice.

Trailing into other improvements that were alongside introduced are freeze-dried caffeine type and micro-ground-style of coffee being blended into the latest production, where methods of preparation for both beans are known for better aroma when it comes to beverage making.

The same holds true for what can be said of BlackMo’s list of milk tea inventories that was simultaneously set forth by Guan Tong Industries, with the exception that instead of using coffee, an instrumental processing of picking natural tea extracts became ever more crucial in producing successful tasting appeal, as well as ultimately increased revenue deliverables.

A singular sachet of blackstrap molasses was also added the same (pointing to the milk tea itself), which consists of more nutrients with lower GI (glycaemic index) value in contrast to common sugar,” said Mr Jee.
“Like the change in paradigms – both in lifestyle and also beliefs in the fast-moving consumer goods sector, so must the company too, in transforming to adapt to the current market stance,” as Mr. Jee advises, under an elated fashion when describing the situational upkeep and in maintaining an edge.

“This also meant that digital advertising and web development has further been tappedin response to the two-year long of a pandemic within Malaysia—just as our sales personnel were restricted from regional travelling in meeting clients that our reliance upon technology has been amplified, and moreover strengthened, in order to ensure the continuation of our instant coffee production line,” the Managing Director mentioned.

Other sets of events entailed in what was brought from the momentum of online marketing spurred the eventual sequences of Guan Tong Industries’ exporting regime, where foreign business channels have become greatly thrilled and invested in the BlackMo brand of beverage items. And in adhering to individual importing compliances set by different respective countries, Global Brand Synergy (GBS) the sole distributor of BlackMo, have decided to form a partnership with DagangHalal in the venturing of global market-entry and exporting.

At this point of iteration, the inclusion of blackstrap molasses, as well as the recipe change in the instant drink series meant that the beverage maker has turned to become a premium brand in coffee manufacturing that is on par with the company’s vision.

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