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Don Scoffs At Lard In Chocolates Allegations

News From : DagangHalal.com (30 Apr 2009)

Allegations that chocolate bars contain lard (non-halal) are unfounded.

According to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Faculty of Chemical Science and Food Technology (Food Science programme) head Associate Prof Dr Mamot Said, the only fats allowed in the production of chocolate is milk butter.

Chocolate products manufacturers were bound by the Cocoa and Chocolate Products (England) regulations 2003 draft Statutory Instrument, he added.

Chocolate generally comprises cocoa solids (8%-30%), sugar (30%- 50%), milk solids (up to 24%) and fats (27%-33%).

“From the scientific point of view, there is no basis for lard to be used in any part of the production of chocolates,” he told a press conference here yesterday.

“This is because lard cannot impart a glossy look to chocolates nor make chocolate bars snappy.”

Dr Mamot was a research officer with Mardi from 1975 to 1985 and a director with the Malaysian Cocoa Board from 1990 to 1993, before joining UKM as a professor in the Science and Technology faculty and being appointed Food Science programme head in July 2001.

He suggested that the chocolate product said to contain lard be sent to Universiti Putra Malaysia’s Halal Institute to ascertain the contents.

The press conference was held to clarify a claim in a Malay daily quoting Malaysia Islamic Consumers Association project director Noor Nirwandy Mat Noordin as saying emulsifiers used in chocolate making contained non-halal animal fats.

He had allegedly said chocolate makers tended or preferred to include lard to give chocolate a glossy look.

A lecturer in UKM’s Islamic Studies faculty, Mohd Azlan Ariff, who was also at the press conference, said :

Claims on any products must be accompanied by tests and studies to avoid any repercussions, be it on the consumers or the manufacturers and traders.

“Unfounded allegations could cause panic among consumers and hardship for manufacturers and traders.”

Muslims could look for the ‘halal’ logo on the packaging before consuming any chocolate product he said.

Source from : http://thestar.com.my/news/story

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