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DagangHalal At Malaysia-Indonesia Economic Seminar (SEMI 10) Bandung, Indonesia

News From : DagangHalal.com (16 Feb 2011)

On Friday 28 January 2011, Mr Khairil Ismahafiz the Chief Executive Officer of DagangHalal.com was invited by The Malaysia-Indonesia Journalists Friendship Alliance (ISWAMI) to present a paper entitled -Promoting Halal Products via Internet the DagangHalal.com Experience during the Malaysia-Indonesia Economic Seminar (SEMI 10) in Bandung, Indonesia.- The seminar which was also attended by Malaysia Finance Minister II, Dato Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah saw the participation of both Malaysian and Indonesian entrepreneurs from various industries dealing in cosmetics, men and women-s apparel, handicraft, women accessories, garments for Muslim women, health and beauty spa.

During his presentation, Mr Khairil Ismahafiz said that Malaysia and Indonesia has a greater advantage in the global Halal industry for both countries are a standard reference for determining the world Halal. Furthermore with the country-s Muslim population dominating the world Muslim consumers, it is no wonder that Halal products and services are highly demanded in this region with a market estimated to be worth more than MYR190 billion.

He further said that DagangHalal.com is a niche Halal e-marketplace with an exception. What once began as addressing the needs of Malaysian based SMIs and SMEs in the Halal industry is now targeting on global Halal industry players. Indeed, 60% of the world-s Muslim population resides in Asia and Malaysia rests in the heart of South East Asia. This makes DagangHalal.com the perfect e-marketplace platform to draw the world-s Halal industry buyers and importers on one common ground. Furthermore, with the total backing received from the Malaysian government alike BNM and JAKIM has indeed catapulted DagangHalal.com position as a legitimate reference for Halal industry development.

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