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Brunei Minister To Attend Mindanao Expo To Seek Food-Product Tie-Up With RP Firms

News From : DagangHalal.com (07 Aug 2009)

DAVAO CITY-The Brunei Darussalam minister on trade plans to attend the Mindanao Trade Exposition (MTE) next week, mainly to seek partners in food products from Southern Philippines, organizers here said.

Ann Pamintuan, chief organizer of the MTE and president of the MTE Foundation Inc., said this was the message of Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap, who was in Brunei for an Asian halal conference.

Yap told Pamintuan in a mobile-phone call from Brunei that the Brunei minister would join Yap in attending the opening ceremony of the August 13 to 16 MTE.

“Brunei already had its halal-branding capability, but they don’t have the products,” Pamintuan told a regular Wednesday press forum at the Marco Polo Hotel here.

She said the trade minister would talk on the halal line to Mindanao food producers and initiate business matching on August 14 with interested business participants.

The MTE bounced back from inactivity last year due to the initial bout of the global financial crisis.

In an earlier launching of the MTE in June this year, she said the exhibits this year would offer new packaging and product designs, as well as more added-value packaging of raw materials.

Many of these products were the source products or raw materials of many exporters in Manila and Cebu.

Product lines to be exhibited would include gifts, toys and housewares, furniture and furnishing, home textiles, fashion accessories, fine jewelry, fresh fruits, vegetables and processed food, flowers and ornamentals and other allied services.

“We are offering new designs and concepts every year for all our products,” she told at a launching press conference at the Apo View Hotel in June.

She said the Mindanao exhibitors were still mostly micro-, small- and medium-scale producers and business groups, many of whom link the exporters from Manila and Cebu to the source of raw materials in Mindanao.

For the last 12 years, the MTE has become the main trade exhibit for Mindanao producers, and the activity has already gathered 1,590 exhibitors whose products and services were viewed by 151,000 visitors since the first exhibit was mounted in 1996.

The MTE exhibitors have also generated combined sales of P630.868 million, with the years 1997 and 2003 topping the P100-million mark. In 1997, sales reached P115.6 million, despite the ravages wrought by the Asian financial meltdown, and in 2003, sales went up P135.8 million. In between were fluctuating figures in sales.

Written by Manuel Cayon / Reporter

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