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Al Islami Foods Hosts Chinese Business Exploration Group

News From : DagangHalal.com (09 Dec 2009)

Al Islami Foods, a leading halal food producer in the Middle East, today hosted the Chinese Business Exploration Group from Shenzhen at its processing plant in Jebel Ali Free Zone.

The delegation was lead by Mr. Lin Qian, Chairman of Shenzhen Food Industry Association.

“With the 40 million Muslims out of its 1.3 billion population, China has the greatest potential of being a lucrative market for Al Islami. We consider China as a strategically important country for our expansion into the East Asian region” commented Alex Andarakis, the chief executive officer of Al Islami Foods.

Alex added: “China’s liberal and cost-effective business policies and excellent logistic facilities are attractive for Al Islami. We will welcome Chinese suppliers and distributors and look forward to the long-term business relationships with them.”

A 26-member group met with Al Islami food quality and marketing departments and attended a detailed briefing session about Al Islami and its products. Mr. Shahid Qureshi, Factory Manager at Al Islami, gave a comprehensive presentation about Al Islami and lead the tour to a live production process.

Situated north of Hong Kong, Shenzhen is a major financial centre in Southern China. Owing to China’s economic policies, Shenzhen became China’s first and most successful Special Economic Zone. Like Dubai, Shenzhen’s novel and modern cityscape is the result of the vibrant economy made possible by rapid foreign investment since the late 1970s. Shenzhen is also the second busiest port in mainland China, ranking only after Shanghai.

Lin Qian, Chairman of Shenzhen Food Industry Association (SFIA), while lauding the efforts of Al Islami in leading halal food market in the Middle East, commented: “We are pleased and enlightened to know about company’s philosophy, commitment to consumers and future ambitions. Due to the excellent infrastructure in Dubai, Chinese companies are keen to set up their regional base in Dubai.”

The Exploration Group comprised of: Han Xiang Nan, the Secretary-General of Shenzhen Food Industry Association; officials from Shenzhen Municipal Association, Lonny Lu from Shenzhen Henghui Industry & Development Company; Beauty Sky Tea Company, Xuyang Food Company among others.

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