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1st Global Halal Congress In Pakistan

News From : DagangHalal.com (16 Dec 2010)

The 1st Global Halal Congress concluded successfully in Karachi on December 4, 2010, with participation from over 28 delegates from 17 countries with the Grand Mufti of Bosnia Dr. Mustafa Ceric as the guest of honour. It must be mentioned here that ‘Halal’ has become an international brand know to over 2 billion consumers. ‘Halal Certified’ stands of high quality standard, whether it is food or non-food product including pharmaceuticals, vitamins and cosmetic etc.

The Chief Guest, Speaker National Assembly, Dr. Fehmida Mirza, said that the TDAP is drafting up a Halal Certification Bill with an aim to give a better exposure to Pakistan’s exports to fulfil the requirements for the consumer of Halal products and services. That is comprised of one fourth of world total population. “once the drafting of the said Bill in consultation with all atakeholders get make it into law,” she said.

She said the world had undergone tremendous changes and there was rapid increase in demand of consumer goods and hoped that promotion  of Halal certified food and services would open up new vistas for the Pakistan’s exports. The Speaker praised the efforts of HDC (Halal Development Council), an NGO dedicated to the development of Halal Economy. She said that HDC was also planning to organize Pakistan’s 1st Global Halal Expo in Lahore in 2011 and said that she hoped TDAP would extend the same support to HDC to make Halal Expo a success to Pakistan.

The Grand Mufti of Bosnia Herzegovina, Dr. Mustafa Ceric in his keynote address called upon the Muslim Ummah to spread peace and harmony in the world with the Halal Movement with the message to use and consume whatever is Halal and Tayyab, Dr. Mustafa said there was great demand of Halal food in Europe where large population belongs to Muslim emigrants.

He also advised Muslims to make Halal food and other services attractive for consumers as the Haram products are make attractive for consumers to capture the markets. He also recommended that Halal Food should be make tasty, pleasant and nice looking with no chemicals to attract the consumers world over. He also said that his country is indebted to Pakistanis for their whole-hearted support to Bosnia during its siege and killing of the innocent Muslim by Serbians.

The Federal Minister for Livestock, Humayan Aziz Kurd, said that government fully supports the cause of halal movement and entering into the trillion dollar world Halal market. He said that in order to promote exports of Halal meat and poultry, his ministry has initiated Rs 1.5 billion project to enhance livestock production in Pakistan and to encourage the export of Halal meat, the government has declared machinery for slaughter houses as duty free.

Asad Sajjad, Secretary General/CEO of Halal Development Council in his welcome address said Halal being a trillion dollar market globally and the “Halal Brand” recognized as symbol of “Good Quality Product, so non-muslim also buy products with Halal Logo. He said that HDC was registered as an NGO to ficililate the suppliers and exporters by providing platforms for halal Awareness, Compliance, Standards, Certification, Branding, Marketing, Research, Halal industrial development and after successfully organizing the region’s biggest halal Congress, HDC will continue its efforts to create awareness in Pakistan regarding the Power of Halal brand and awareness in the world regarding Pakistan’s potential to supply Halal Certified to the world. He said that next Global Congress and Expo would be held in Lahore next year

Minister of Industries & Production, Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani spoke at the concluding session of the congress. He congratulated the Halal Development Council and TDAP who jointly organized the biggest Halal Conference of this region and opened the doors for Pakistan to enter the trillion dollar global Halal market. Mr Bajarani thanked the foreign delegates who gathers from 17 different countries to attend the Halal Congress and distributed mementoes to all delegates.

Speaker Sindh Assembly and Acting Governor Sindh Nisar Khoro said that the Halal Congress was a better platform to explore the hidden and open commercial opportunities among muslim and non-muslim worlds. He congratulated the organizer Halal Development Council for holding such an important event in Pakistan inviting delegates from all over the world

The Chief Executive, TDAP, Tariq Iqbal Puri said that TDAP is fully determined to make Pakistan a Halal hub in the region and one day the country would be able to establish Halal Pakistan as a brand in the world Halal economy. He said that there are vast opportunities in Halal markets and the exporters should strive hard to fetch their due share. He said that the bill in this regard to be tabled in the National Assembly would be prepared by TDAP and it would be called the Bill of Halal Certification.

Delegates and attendees of the Global Halal Congress unanimously agreed upon the following resolution presented at the end of the Congress:

1. To increase awareness among the industry about the benefits of Halal branding and compliance through certification in order to complete in the global market
2. The Government of Pakistan sets up a program to accredit Halal certification bodies.
3. The Government of Pakistan implements stricter food import requirements to ensure Halal compliance.
4. To give more focus on value-added products through research & development, engagement with the industry and support from the Government of Pakistan
5. To coordinate with the Financial Services Industry to increase awareness on the availability of Islamic Financial products.
6. The relevant government agencies support innovation in Halal lifestyle areas such as recreational, beauty, wellness, and pharmaceutical products.
7. The Government of Pakistan engage its relevant agencies to facilitate participation of the private sector in Halal products export promotion activities.

– Halal Development Council

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