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JB’s First ‘Halal’ Chinese Eatery

News From : DagangHalal.com (04 Nov 2010)

The Puteri Pacific Johor Baru’s Kai Xuan Chinese Restaurant is the first Chinese fine dining restaurant in Johor that has been to be certified halal by the Johor Religious Department.

Halal is an Arabic word which means allowed or permitted permissible according to Islamic law. It also means good quality, safe, clean, nutritious and authentic.

“Halal food is not just exclusive to Muslims as it is also purchased and consumed by non-Muslims.

“Many non-Muslims find it t halal to be mean a credible stamp of hygiene and standards”, quality,” said Puteri Hotels Sdn Bhd managing director Shafiqul Hafiz.

“A halal certificate is not just to ensure our the foods sold we sell are halal, but also to ensure the cleanliness of the premises and its food products.

“To be certified with the halal certification is good for our business.

“It is also a form of social obligation and it will boost that earns customers’ trust and confidence in our restaurants,” he added.

The hotel has also received halal certificates for the News Room Cafe and Selasih Restaurant.

Kai Xuan Chinese Restaurant provides a sophisticated setting in which to enjoy t offers the best of Malaysian local halal Chinese halal Cuisine, reliving the passion for exquisite Chinese food in providing cuisine with Cantonese and Szechuan dishes.

Its team of chefs have come up with some of the most tantalising combinations to offer a menu which is guaranteed to satisfy customers.

A generous choice of seafood, barbecued meats, roasted poultry, soups, noodles, desserts and dim sum specialties is among the dishes offered.

The restaurant includes a dining area which is able to can seat accommodate up to 120 persons.

This includes four private rooms which can cater for each seating 10 persons.

– New Straits Times

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