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Latvia: Religious Animal Slaughtering Allowed For First Time

News From : DagangHalal.com (17 Sep 2009)

Due to amendments to the animal rights protection law, animal slaughter that is based on religious tradition will be allowed to be carried out in Latvia, as previously this was not permitted at all.

Currently, the amendments – endorsed by Saeima (the parliament of the Republic of Latvia) – is in its final reading, according to a media report by The Baltic Course.

Veterinarian present

With the new amendments, it is permitted to slaughter an animal based on religious tradition, however, this will only occur in special slaughterhouses and only be allowed when a veterinarian is present.

Halal meat

Halal meat, based on Islamic traditions, will be produced under religious slaughtering. The amendment follows entrepreneurs’ push for this, as they are looking to export halal meat.

Reports further state that 45 members of the Saeima voted in support of the law amendments, 40 were against; two abstained.

Animal rights activists gathered at the Saeima building in protest of the amendments.

Source: The Baltic Course

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