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A’Saffa Helping Celebrate The True Spirit Of Ramadan By Offering True Halal Products

News From : DagangHalal.com (07 Sep 2009)

A’Saffa Poultry, Oman’s leading chicken producer, is encouraging consumers across Oman to celebrate Ramadan with the confidence that their range of poultry products are all produced using real Halal techniques at their state of the art farm facility in the south of the country.

The company, which began operations in 2004, combines the use of the latest poultry farming technology with completely Islamic Halal slaughtering systems to give Muslims across the country the comfort of knowing that their food has been prepared to the very highest traditional Islamic methods.

At the facility near Thumrait, the farm’s processing centre has been carefully designed and positioned to ensure that it faces towards the Kaaba’h for when the chickens are hand slaughtered by specially trained A’Saffa employees.

“As an Omani company providing chicken to a predominantly Muslim customer base we take our responsibilities to ensure that our chickens are slaughtered in the correct Halal manner very seriously,’ says Daeij Al Hosni, Assistant Manager, Marketing.

‘The staff who actually undertake the slaughtering process are highly trained and fully understand every aspect of Halal techniques. This is a guarantee we give to our customers that we adhere to strict Islamic processes that also ensure a quality product for families across the Sultanate and internationally,’ he added.

The use of Halal techniques for hand slaughtering animals is also becoming increasingly recognized internationally as the most humane and healthy way to kill animals for food – and to ensure the very best product is delivered to the consumer.

Daeij Al Hosni explains that A’Saffa is committed to ensuring that the chickens they produce are a natural product that are given the best quality natural feed – primarily corn and soya bean – as the chickens grow and develop.

‘Unlike some other poultry producers, we only give our chickens pure and natural ingredients which is in line with our commitment to true Halal techniques at all stages of production. The way we feed our chickens also helps to ensure the excellent and unique taste of A’Saffa chicken that increasing numbers of Omani families are enjoying across the Sultanate,’ added Mr. Al Hosni.

In just five years A’Saffa has grown to become recognized as Oman’s leading poultry producer with a major market share and a significant and growing export business to markets that include the GCC, Egypt and Iraq.

At their facility in the south of Oman A’Saffa uses the latest international poultry technology to ensure the consistent quality and taste of their chickens. Systems have been imported from markets such as Belgium and Denmark as part of the production process – a sign of the company’s commitment to only using leading edge technology for the production of their products.

Quality is maintained on an hourly and daily basis by a team of highly trained technicians who constantly assess all aspects of production to ensure only the very best chickens are prepared and find themselves on supermarket shelves across the Sultanate.

Another major benefit for A’Saffa is their ability to quickly supply local markets with frozen and fresh chicken unlike a lot of chicken sold in local and regional supermarkets that is imported from South America or other countries.

Source:AME Info

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